Varivalve Adjustable Angle Steam Radiator Vent, 1/8" NPT
Brand: Varivalve
Part#: 925005-00
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Varivalve Angle 925005-00 is an adjustable Radiator Air Vent with a 90 degree angle and 1/8" pipe thread, designed for a single pipe steam heating/venting. The lab and in-field trials clearly show that a larger vent can vent a system more rapidly resulting in lowering operating pressure requirements. Phosphor bronze bellows of 925005-00 Radiator Air Vent provides a positive shut-off by closing and stopping the steam from escaping the radiator once heated by steam otherwise the steam will not fill the radiator.

The task of the Varivalve Angle 925005-00 radiator air vent is to drive out the air of the radiator before the steam entering. The fill time of a radiator changes proportionally to the venting capacity of the radiator air vent (at a given pressure). One can control the radiator steam fill time speed by simply installing a radiator air vent with a certain venting capacity. Varivalve Angle 925005-00 a Radiator Air Vent boasts quiet operation and is ideal for balancing out the heat distribution in a building. The convenient fingertip lever of Varivalve Angle 925005-00 provides the means of adjustment of the venting rate. The purpose of a larger orifice is to allow the air to be driven out at a lower back pressure.

  • 90° angle style radiator air vent
  • 1/8" Pipe thread
  • Phosphor bronze bellows provides positive shut-off
  • Quiet operation, no clicking or hissing
  • Provides a means for air to be driven out of the radiator as steam enters, allowing main lines to fill quicker
  • Fingertip lever allows adjustment of venting rate
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Too fast venting
At nearly twice the price of standard vents, They do vent the cold air out of the steam radiator pretty fast. It heats up nice and hot in minutes instead of 20 minutes like before. The only problem I've seen is raditors down stream stay cold until others heat up and shut off. Short term made uneven heating worst and thermostate shut off before other even got heat. It vents so fast it doesn't allow any pressure to build so other radiators can get some heat too. All the available steam goes to the first raditor closest to boiler, and others further away don't get any steam. I adjusted all the radiators to 'closed' setting. Which isn't really closed air tight. If you blow on it, it still lets out air, but at a slower standard rate. The only one we left wide open was the last radiator on the pipe furthest away from boiler. That seems to help. Its a good product, but it has it place. If you are far away from boiler and a lone radiator isn't getting much steam, as it will vent out a lot of cold air so the steam gets to you, but the other older style has been around for 100 years or more so only switch if older style doesn't work for you. My advise is install them and leave in 'closed' position and only open as necessary to balance heat. Think of how the pipes run and opening it too much will leave less for the next radiator.
By Leko (from New York) on 10/31/2011
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this air valve really works.
radiater heats up fast.
By tony (from lowell ma.) on 01/05/2012

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