Pressure Booster Pump

Grundfos MQ3 Booster Pumps

Pressure Booster Pump is designed to boost or increase water flow pressure in systems where regular water pressure is not sufficient to maintain a constant and strong water pressure.

Booster pumps are commonly utilized for farming, military, municipal, commercial and industrial use.  In residential structures, the pump is generally utilized for domestic water supply.

Depending on the requirement, pumps can be either single staged or multi staged and have various pressure adjustment and control options. In order to choose the most efficient pump, it is vital to size it correctly. Two specifications that need to be considered are desired pressure level (measured in "Pounds per Square Inch") and flow rate (measured in "gallons per minute"). Systems with a high flow rate (i.e. multiple residential units), may require more than one booster pump.

In residential applications, the pump is utilized to boost pressure from municipal water supply, water storage tanks, and wells. It is installed at the point of connection between the outside water source and the main system inlet. The Majority of booster pumps are powered by electricity, though there are pumps that are powered by solar energy or batteries. A booster pump is set to work continuously for as long as water is flowing and is completely automatic.