Webstone Isolator Pump Flange Valves

Webstone Isolator series valves are compatible with all major brand circulator pumps, including Taco (“00” series except 0012), Grundfos (UP/UPS 15 and 26, Alpha) and others. Each isolator valve comes with a set of bolts & nuts as well as additional T-style handle. For heating applications only.

About Webstone Isolator Series

Isolator flange valves offer fast, convenient and cost effective means of installing a circulator pump. These valves are manufactured from forged brass to last for a lifetime of the system. Webstone isolator valve eliminates unnecessary work and replaces traditional combination of components such as pump flanges, ball valves, pipe nipples, drain valves, etc.
4040 and 5040 Webstone models are standard isolator valves in threaded and sweat connections respectively. 4041 and 5041 models feature a full-flow drain valve. 4140 and 5140 models come with a rotating flange.