3/4" Sweat (Solder) Purge & Fill Ball Valve w/ Hose Drains
Brand: Webstone Valves
Part#: 58613
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Webstone 58613 3/4" Sweat (CxC) Purge & Fill Pro-Pal valve - drain, flush & refill any hydronic, solar, or closed loop system. T-pattern flow path quickly and easily prevents the flow between the two hose connections. Any air or existing fluid is diverted out of the system through the remaining hose connection as fluid introduced into the sustem. Handle is reversible that makes installation flexible and using easy. Guaranteed for Life.

Temperature-Pressure Table of 58613 Purge & Fill Pro-Pal valve:

Temp (°F) PSI
100 600
150 485
200 395
250 210

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