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3" Exhaust / 3" Intake Concentric Vent Kit is manufactured from AL29-4C stainless steel and is designed for Category III (power-vented, non-condensing) and Category IV (power-vented, condensing) appliances, including tankless water heaters, wall-hung boilers and similar.

This kit is an ideal venting solution for a unit which is vented through the same wall it is installed on (typically, right above it) and requires an outdoor fresh air supply (intake). Installation is simplified since concentric vent requires a single hole in the wall and does not need any additional wall thimbles, fire spacers, etc.

Compatible with Z-Flex 4" Z-Vent and 4" NovaVent series single wall pipe and fittings (for flue/exhaust) and Z-Flex aluminum duct for fresh air intake (1TLXXXX0425 or similar).
This vent kit is designed for 5-10" thick walls.

  • The flue connection on the concentric vent kit is pointing downwards, allowing for a straight pipe run (with no elbows) to the flue outlet of the gas tankless water heater or a high-efficiency boiler
  • The intake connection on the concentric vent kit is pointing to the side and can be rotated to point either to the left or right side to accommodate the installation (picture shows intake pointing to the right)
  • Telescopic design with adjustable wall thimble allows for installation through frame or masonry walls
  • Concentric vent kit requires a single hole, making installation faster and minimizing wall intrusion
  • Made in USA

Technical Specifications:
  • Flue Size: 4" (nominal size and actual OD) - compatible with 4" Z-Vent & NovaVent
  • Air Intake Size: 4" (nominal size and actual OD)
  • Wall Thickness: Adjustable, 12" max. (no minimum)
  • Min. Wall Opening: 7.5" dia. Hole
  • Thimble Size: 10" x 10"
  • Max. Temperature: 480°F (249°C)
  • Material: AL29-4C
  • Hex Nut Size: 5/16"
  • Certifications/Standards: UL listed for USA and Canada, meets UL 1738
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