1/2" PEX Plastic Bend Support w/ Ear
Brand: Everhot
Part#: PXA4211
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Plastic Bend supports are used to make a smooth 90-degree turn with PEX tubing where needed. Manufactured from fiber-reinforced plastic for extra durability and holding power. Simply lock the tubing inside the bend support and done. Features a drop ear that allows installer to fasten the bend support to wooden surfaces (studs, joists, plywood, etc.) 1/2" PEX bend supports can also be used with 3/8" PEX tubing.

  • Saves installation time and money
  • Significantly reduces pressure drop comparing to a PEX elbow
  • Drop ear allows to secure bend support to a wooden surface
  • Non-corrosive
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great for Joist Installation
This product works well for a floor joist installation. My installation was slab on grade and thesedidn't work for this but I will use them when I do my other floor.
By ken u. (from ocean park , WA) on 03/01/2013
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Good easy to use supports.
simple, inexpensive, easy to use....
By HandyManny (from NJ) on 05/03/2011
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Great product and low price.
Great product and low price.
By Verified Buyer (from WV) on 04/02/2015
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simple, inexpensive. Compared to some of the big box places, a lot cheaper. when mounting it doesn't exactly work with a drywall/deck screw but easy enough to fix
By jeff (from Cincinnati, OH) on 08/27/2012
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what is the radius??
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Bending radius is determined by the equation R = 8 * OD. For 1/2" PEX tubing, the OD is 5/8" and therefore the radius would be 8 * 5/8 = 5".
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 12/05/2012
will this fit in a standard 2x4 framed wall? That is, will it curve in 3.5 inches?
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Yes, it will.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/30/2016
First question was answered that it works inside 3-1/2" wall. The third question was that the radius is 5". These 2 answers are conflicting.
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It works inside a regular 3-1/2" (2" x 4") wall if installed sideways, not stubbing out of the wall. If you need to make a 90-degree and come out of the wall, you may either use PEX x PEX 90 elbows or a copper stub out elbow.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/16/2017
Can these be installed in Concrete?
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Yes, they can be installed in concrete slabs as well.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 02/04/2013

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