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Water Feeders for Steam and Hot Water Gas Boilers

Browse our selection of McDonnel & Miller and Hydrolevel water feeders and parts for gas-fired hot water and steam boilers in electronic (low voltage (24V) and line voltage (120V)) and mechanical options.
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About Boiler Water Feeders

Water feeder is a device which automatically adds makeup water to the heating system which could be lost from normal operation (as is common with steam boilers), maintenance (drainage with subsequent system water replacement and/or addition of corrosion inhibitors, etc.) or from accidental leaks (such as from PRV release).
Water feeder works in conjunction with a LWCO (low water cutoff) to maintain a safe and acceptable water level in the system to prevent dry-firing and equipment failure due to low water condition. It also helps to detect leaks based on the volume of water fed into the system over a given time period.

Boiler water feeders can be divided into two main categories - electronic (electric) and mechanical, the former in either 24V or 120V power supply. Both can commonly operate in auto mode (auto feed) and manual (cold water in manually added to the system).
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