12-branch Brass Radiant Heat Manifold Set w/ 1/2" PEX adapters
Brand: Rifeng
Part#: BSM012
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1/2" PEX adapters are included by default. For other size adapters (free upgrade) make a note at checkout.
12-branch Deluxe Radiant Manifold Set. Pre-assembled, brass construction with nickel plated finish.

Each set includes the following components:
(1) Supply side radiant manifold w/ (12) flow indicators and (12) outlets for PEX tubing.

(1) Return side radiant manifold w/ (12) manual balancing valves and (12) outlets for PEX tubing.

(2) 1" threaded shut off valves w/ 1/4-turn handles - one for supply and one for return manifold (red & blue).

(2) Temperature gauges - one for supply and one for return manifold to monitor supply and return water temperatures.

(1) Float-type air vent to eliminate air from the system (air vent caps included for pressure testing purposes).

(2) All-in-one drain & fill valves with 3/4" garden hose (drain hose) connection and a cap - on each manifold.

(20) Compression adapters for 1/2" PEX tubing - included, no purchase necessary. Adapters of other sizes (3/8", 5/8") can be purchased separately.

(2) Wall mounting brackets.

Other suggested components:
For pressure testing purposes, use a Pressure Test Kit (SKU# TESTKIT)

Technical Specifications:
  • Total number of PEX outlets: 24
  • Distance OC (On Center) between PEX outlets: 2"
  • Overall height when installed: 14.5"
  • Overall width when installed: 32.1"
  • Distance between supply and return manifolds (on center): 8.25"
  • Compatible with all types and brands of PEX tubing (Bow, Viega, Watts, Zurn, Everhot, Nibco, etc.)
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Ask a Question
You have two very similar 12 loop units one for $299 and one for $319 what is the difference I cant tell from the descriptions!
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There's no significant difference. Brass manifolds simply have a more elegant look and solid feel to them.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/26/2017
How much head pressure can this 12-branch manifold handle? I have a 2-story house with 12-300' loops 0f 3/8" pex on the second floor and would like to place the manifold in the basement which is a 15' drop, can this handle the pressure?
Helpful? Yes No
The manifold can certainly handle the pressure. However, the circulator pump used for the project would need to be appropriately sized to account for the PEX pipe length and diameter.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/18/2012
I have wall mounted radiators and I want to use this manifold. Some of the radiators are very near the manifold and run 1/2" pex, one radiator to a circuit. Others will be much further from the manifold and I want to have 2 radiators on a single circuit. I'd like to run larger pex to those. Can I mix and match the pex adapters?
Helpful? Yes -1 No
Yes, you can. When placing an order, leave a comment at the checkout page with the qty and size of the adapters needed.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 01/16/2014

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