SM80 Dual-coil Indirect Hot Water Heater, 75.4 Gal


Brand: Bosch

Mfr Part#: 8718541313

Model: SM80

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Buderus SM80 is a vertical, dual-coil indirect hot water tank with 75.4-gallon DHW capacity. It features Thermoglaze ceramic coating (on both tank and coil), (2) magnesium anode rods for superior corrosion protection and large front clean-out for easy access and maintenance. Dual-coil design allows to use two heat sources (i.e. boiler and solar).

Technical Specifications:

  • Domestic Water Capacity (Gallons): 75.4;
  • Heat Exchanger Type: Dual Coil;
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Connection: 1" NPT;
  • Domestic Cold Water Connection: 1" NPT;
  • Boiler (Heat Exchanger Coil) Connections: 1" NPT;
  • Hot Water Recirculation Connection: 3/4" NPT;
  • Max DHW Temperature: 203°F;
  • Max DHW Operating Pressure: 150 psi;
  • Max Boiler Water Temperature: 230°F;
  • Max Boiler/Heat Exchanger Coil Side Pressure (psi): 232;
  • Stand-by Heat Loss (°F/hr): 0.6;
  • Continuous Domestic Hot Water Flow (77°F Rise, 180°F Boiler Temp.) (Gallons/hr): 185.0 - Lower Coil; 135.0 - Upper Coil; 298.0 - Dual Coil; 278.0 - Dual Coil (Parallel);
  • 1st Hour Rating (77°F Rise, 180°F Boiler Temp.) (Gallons/hr): 257.0 - Lower Coil; 135.0 - Upper Coil; 363.0 - Dual Coil; 345.0 - Dual Coil (Parallel);
  • Min. Boiler Output (BTU): 112.4 - Lower Coil; 78.2 - Upper Coil; 178.8 - Dual Coil; 156.7 - Dual Coil (Parallel);
  • Min. Boiler Water Flow Rate (GPM): 11.4;
  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 36-3/8" x 58-7/8";
  • Empty Weight (lbs): 260.


6-year limited tank warranty for Residential Application / 2-year limited tank warranty for Commercial Application
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