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Deep Well Jet Pumps

Browse our large inventory of deep well (convertible) jet pumps from manufacturers such as Grundfos, Little Giant and FloForce.
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About Convertible Jet Pumps

Both terms “convertible” and “deep well” refer to the same type of jet well pump, intended for water wells up to 80ft deep. Unlike shallow well pumps, which have a jet ejector (JE) assembly permanently placed inside the pumps’ volute, convertible jet pumps have a removable JE assembly located on the outside. When JE is attached to the pump, it operates in a standard “shallow well” mode, where single suction pipe is submerged in the water well, pond or other source of water and pumps water from up to 25ft depth. In “convertible” or “deep well” mode, JE is detached from the pumps’ housing and installed at the bottom of the well, allowing to increase the suction lift up to 80ft. This feature is useful for applications where water table fluctuates and is season-dependent or is gradually receding.
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