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FloForce Jet Pumps

FloForce jet pumps are non-submersible, non-self-priming jet well pumps available in shallow well and deep well (convertible) options. These pumps have a dual voltage 115V/230V capability, adjustable pressure switch and cast iron housing. Available in 1/2 HP - 1 HP models.
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About FloForce brand Jet Well Pumps

FJP and FJPC series jet well pumps are suitable for residential and commercial applications where pumping clean water is needed. They are non-submersible and designed for out-of-water use only, typically installed in close proximity to a well, pond or other source of water.
Volute part of the pump is made from powder-coated cast iron and features legs with holes for mounting purposes. Impeller is thermoplastic.
Inlet is 1-1/4" FNPT and outlet is 1" FNPT on all models. Each pump has (3) additional 1/4" FNPT plugged outlets for priming, draining and pressure gauge installation purposes.

FJP series shallow well jet pumps are intended for use with well depth of 25ft or less and have a jet ejector built into the pump.
FJPC series convertible/deep well jet pumps are for use with well depth of 80ft or less and have a removable jet ejector (included) for either deep well (ejector installed in well) or shallow well (ejector attached to the pump) applications.
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