Grundfos Alpha Pumps

The Alpha series pumps from Grundfos are variable speed flanged circulator pumps available in cast iron or stainless steel housing options with or without a line cord.

About Grundfos Alpha Series Pumps

Alpha2 series pumps take the guesswork out of sizing and selecting the right circulator. Simply install the pump and let it do the rest. Alpha2 pump will automatically analyze the system, while AutoAdapt feature will select and automatically adjust the flow rate to match system requirements. No complicated programming required.

Alpha2 series pumps consume up to 80% less energy than standard circulators without sacrificing the performance and comfort levels. All models include a built-in, removable check valve and select models come with a replaceable power cord with a grounded plug which eliminates complex wiring.

Cast iron Alpha2 models are suitable for a wide range of closed loop heating applications such as hydronic baseboard, radiator and radiant floor heating. Stainless steel models are lead-free compliant can be used in domestic water applications, as well as other open-loop systems such as snow/ice melt and solar.