Standing to Intermittent Pilot Conversion Kit
Brand: Honeywell-Resideo
Part#: Y8610U4001
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Resideo (formerly Honeywell) Y8610U4001 is a Universal Standing to Intermittent Pilot Conversion Kit, used with either natural or LP gas. The Y-pack contains S8610U3009 Intermittent Pilot Module and VR8204A2142 Intermittent Pilot Dual Valve Combination Gas Control with 1/2" by 1/2" inlet/outlet, flange kit and LP conversion kit.

The new Y-pack Complete Kit is specially designed for converting conventional standing pilot system to intermittent pilot system and used with 24 Vac gas-fired atmospheric furnaces, boiler and heating appliances. Y8610U kit provides a 90 second maximum ignition trial with a 100 percent pilot gas shutoff if pilot fails to light, continuously repeating ignition at 6-minute intervals until the appliance lights or call for heat is removed. Two LEDs indicate system status and flame signal strength. Compatible with all open-close switch type 24 Vac thermostats capable of supplying rated voltage and current to the module. Also compatible with Resideo/Honeywell electronic thermostats that directly switch the ignition module.

  • In case of pilot lighting failure, after 6-minute delay, the trial for ignition is repeated
  • Ignition trail/delay sequence is repeated until the appliance lights or call for heat is removed

Technical Specifications:
  • Ignition System Type: Intermittent Pilot
  • Ignition Sequence: Continuous retry, after trial for ignition, pilot gas shuts off for 5 minutes, then another trial for pilot ignition takes place
  • Typical Gas Control: VR8204, VR8304
  • Type of Gas: Natural or LP
  • Flame Sense: Single Rod or Two Rods
  • Ignition Source: Internal high voltage spark generator
  • PrePurge: 0 or 30 seconds
  • Ignition Trials To Lockout: continuous retry
  • Lockout Timing: 15 or 90 seconds
  • Ignition Trial Time: 15 or 90 seconds
  • Maximum Valve Load @ 24 Vac (Amps): 1A Pilot, 2A Main @ 24Vac
  • Typical Ignition Hardware: Q345, Q3451
  • Dimensions: 3 15/16" high x 5 7/16" wide x 2 5/8" deep
  • Electrical Ratings: 24 Vac
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: -40F to +165F
  • Includes: VR8204A2142 valve (1/2" x 1/2"
  • 3.5" WC setting
  • 150 kBtu/hr at 1" p.d)
  • Flame Failure Response Time: 2.0 sec
  • Replaces Part Numbers: AASY8610U4001, Y8610U4001, Y8610F5003

2 years manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.
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