4" Base Support for Innoflue SW & Flex Vent Pipe
Brand: Centrotherm
Part#: ISBS0487
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This base support component kit is designed to provide structural support and 90-degree transition from Innoflue 4" Single Wall (SW) to 4" Flex vent pipe (can be used for 4" SW x 4" SW also). Generally installed at the base of the chimney. Base support components include: metal bracket with protruding rod (for securing to masonry wall), elbow shoe (transparent plastic part which is secured to the bracket and holds the 87-degree elbow in place) and 87-degree single wall elbow. Supports up to 168ft of SW or up to 98ft of Flex pipe.
Note: base support kit can also be found in the IFCKC04 chimney component kit.