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Liberty Sump Pumps

Liberty pumps manufacture a wide range of innovative and energy-saving submersible sump pump models as well as battery powered and SumpJet water powered sump pump backup systems. Many Liberty sump pump products are assembled in the USA and are backed by a 3-year warranty.
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About Liberty Sump Pumps

Most Liberty sump pump models can be categorized into sump pumps with cast iron and aluminum housing. Aluminum models offer a better heat dissipation than cast iron and come with a plastic base, which, if removed, allows suction down to 1/8". Select cast iron pump series feature a Liberty’s unique “Powder Coated Tough” one-piece housing, which resists corrosion better then similar models from competitors and has a longer estimated life span.
Standard cord options for 115V pumps are 10ft and 25ft, with 35ft and 50ft power cord models also available.

Manual sump pump models are operated in manual mode only by plugging the power cord into the electrical outlet, or in automatic mode by using a compatible external control.
Automatic models feature a wide-angle style float or a vertical magnetic float which regulates the On-Off operation of the pump.

Liberty Sump Pump Series Performance Comparison Chart

SeriesTypeHPMax FlowMax. HeadSolids HandlingHousingDischargeMax. Temperature
230Sump1/345 GPM21 ft3/8"Aluminum1-1/2"140˚F
2401/434 GPM20 ft1/4"Cast Iron
250Sump/Effluent1/350 GPM22 ft1/2"Cast Iron
2801/269 GPM39 ft3/4"
2903/483 GPM48 ft
450Sump1/252 GPM34 ft3/8"Aluminum
S301/345 GPM25 ft1/4"Plastic
HT40Sump/Effluent4/1065 GPM20 ft3/4"Cast Iron200˚F
HT450Sump1/252 GPM34 ft3/8"Aluminum180˚F
CSPCrawl Space Kit1/3, 1/2Varies by modelPoly Basin, Pump varies by model140˚F
SPACSump Pump Kit
PCSump System w/ Battery Backup
441Battery Backup System-44 GPM24 ft-Plastic1-1/2",
SumpJet (SJ)Water Powered Sump Pumpn/aWater pressure dependent-Plastic1-1/2"
ELVElevator System1/3, 1/2, 3/4Varies by model
SumpBox (SBX)Sump System1/3, 1/2
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