5-ASP Automatic Submersible Utility/Sump Pump w/ Piggyback Diaphragm Switch and 10' cord, 1/6 HP, 115V
Brand: Little Giant
Part#: 505300
Model: 5-ASP
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Little Giant 5-ASP (505300) is a 1/6HP, Automatic, dual-purpose Submersible Utility Pump / Sump Pump w/ Piggyback Diaphragm Switch, oil-filled motor lubricated for the life and a 10ft long power cord. Little Giant 5-ASP model 505300 is capable of pumping water down to 1/8" in "manual" operating mode, while in "automatic" mode, a diaphragm pressure switch works with "on" level at 6" to 9" and "off" levels at 1" to 4" water level.
Little Giant 5-ASP models are capable of handling up to 1200 Gallons per hour at 1" ft of head pressure drop and feature a 1" FNPT discharge with an optional 3/4" garden hose adapter (included), as well as a screened inlet for easy cleaning and maintenance of the pump. 5-ASP series utility pumps have an epoxy coated cast aluminum housing.

Head (ft) Flow (GPH) Head (m) Flow (LPH)
1 1200 0.3 4542.5
3 1170 0.9 4428.9
5 1100 1.5 4164.0
10 1000 3.0 3785.4
15 840 4.6 3179.7

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • De-watering
  • Fluid transfer
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  • 1/6 HP shaded pole motor with overload protection
  • Designed for continuous duty
  • Manual Mode: Pumps down to water level of 1/8"
  • Automatic Mode: "On" level at 6" to 9" and "Off" level at 1" to 4"
  • Includes a 3/4" garden hose adapter
  • Removable inlet screen for easy cleaning
  • Epoxy coated cast aluminum housing
  • Viton shaft seal
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Technical Specifications:
  • Model: 5-ASP
  • HorsePower: 1/6 HP
  • Max Flow: 1200 GPH @ 1' of Head
  • Cord Length: 10ft
  • Switch: Automatic, Piggyback Diaphragm type
  • Shut Off @ 26.3ft of head
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Hertz: 60 Hz
  • Amps: 5A
  • Watts: 380W
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 7.75" x 4.31" x 7.7"
  • Certification: UL/CSA
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1 year manufacturer's warranty.
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Little Giant - a solid long-life pump
Replaced my old LG. This new unit was relatively easy to install; the only part I need, and it didn't come with it, is a 3/4" copper adapter. Luckily, my local home improvement store carries it.Once connected, I tested it and it worked as designed. Water level was detected, pumped out all the water, and shut-off automatically.It's just perfect.
By Verified Buyer on 07/28/2015
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It's second to none, good quality, very durable and built to last
This little guy had been installed in my sump pit in the basement since my 2 storey house was built on May 1990 in Oxford subdivision. Now it has already over 22 years and counting of its full service, free maintenance and I'm very, very happy/satisfied that it's still kicking very well beyond my expectation. I don't know if it would last for another 20 years. Maybe, it's time to replace it with a brand new one, of course the same model for sure.
By Oscar (from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 10/19/2012
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perfect replacement for larger sump pump
The diaphragm switch on the 5 ASP looks to be a more reliable switch mechanism than the unreliable float switch on two previous competitors pumps. Moreover, it is a smaller pump, so fits more easily into the sump pit, is lighter to handle, and pumps just as fast as the old competitor despite its lower capacity rating. I couldn't obtain locally where I live. Recommend highly, and for price too.
By Dennis (from Burlington NC) on 08/01/2012
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Quiet and Convenient Versatile Pump
Very pleased with this efficient little pump for use in my basement sump as required and other miscellaneous uses, i.e. draining the Jacuzzi puddles, etc.
By Leo (from Edmonton, AB Canada) on 07/25/2011
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Little Giant Pump
The Little Giant pump was just what we needed to remove rain water from the cover of our pool. The only problem was leaves kept clotting it, after removing the leaves in the rain water it worked great.
By Lorra (from Easley S.C.) on 05/09/2011
Ask a Question
How to adjust on and off level on the sump pump? Right now my pump seems to short cycle every 2 minutes while raining. The pump will come on when water level rises within 12 inches in the sump well.
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The diaphragm pressure switch on Little Giant pumps in non-adjustable. If you wish to reduce the cycling of the pump, you need a switch with a larger On-Off range. Little Giant model 505400 has almost x1.5 times the range - 3"-11" vs. 2"-7.5" for the 505300 model. You will also need to consider that the size of the basin must allow for the switch to swing freely.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 04/01/2013

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