3/4" PEX Expansion Ring (Bag of 50), ProPEX style (works with Uponor, Sioux Chief, Mr PEX & others)
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 649W3-50
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3/4" PEX expansion rings are designed to be used in conjunction with a PEX expansion (expander) tool when installing 3/4" PEX-A type tubing and expansion style brass or poly PEX fittings. Made to ASTM F1960 standard. Compatible with Uponor/Wirsbo hePEX & AquaPEX, Sioux Chief, Mr. PEX, Rehau and other PEX-A tubing brands.

  • Uponor Q4690756 3/4" ProPEX rings
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Will work with sharkbite oxygen barrier pex?
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No. Sharkbite is PEX-B tubing which is installed using crimp, clamp (cinch) or push fitting methods. Expansion rings are for PEX-A tubing only.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 05/09/2018