Ox Box Icemaker Outlet Box w/ Water Hammer Arrestor, 1/2" PEX (Lead-Free)
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 696-G1010XF
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Sioux Chief OX Box Icemaker Outlet Box with 1/4-turn ball valve and water hammer arrestor.

Complete set includes the following components:

  • (1) Outlet box with 1/4 turn ball valve and frame
  • (1) Mounting rail with pre-drilled holes for screws
  • (1) Adhesive debris cover

Technical Specifications:
  • Valve inlet connection is 1/2" PEX (crimp style)
  • Valve outlet connection is 1/4" OD Compression (outlet).
  • Meets lead-free regulations and approved for potable water use nationwide (less than 0.25% lead). Meets ANSI/NSF 16 and 372.
  • Mini-Rester water hammer arrestor is ASSE 1010 certified and cUPC listed.
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Will the mini hammer arrestors attached to the valve box work correctly when installed upside down?
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Yes. Sioux Chief water hammers arrestors on the Ox Boxes are piston type (air chamber is sealed off from water with a moving piston with (2) lubricated O-rings) and will work when installed upside down.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 07/22/2016

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