EZ Glide Pipe Clamps for 3/4" PEX, Copper, CPVC (50/bag)
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 559-3-50
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Sioux Chief EZ Glide Tube Clamp (559-3) can be used to secure 3/4" copper pipe, 3/4" PEX, 3/4" CPVC, 3/4" PB in residential or commercial applications. The possibility to expand and contract the pipe gives the ribbed design. The split allows to use the Tube Clamp after piping is run.

  • Ribs on the inner surface of the pipe clamps allow the pipe to slide easier and more quietly
  • Easily snap over the pipe with the help of V-shaped notch
  • Compatible with 3/4" CTS copper pipe, PEX tubing, CPVC, PB tube.

Technical Specifications:
  • Size: for 3/4" PEX/Copper/CPVC pipes
  • Max. Temperature (F): 140F.

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