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Steam Boilers

Cast iron gas steam boilers - available in various sizes for single-family homes and multi-family/apartment buildings.
Note: All boiler BTU ratings listed are Net AHRI or Net IBR (which are the same) for ease of comparison. For Input BTU Rating - see individual product listing.
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About Steam Boilers

Steam boilers offer a low-cost alternative to replacing the entire steam heating system (radiators, piping, chimney venting, etc.) to hot water in single and multi-family homes and apartment buildings/complexes. They are slightly less effective (~82% avg. vs ~85% avg.) than traditional hot water cast iron boilers, but easily make up for the difference in labor, material and installation costs.
Steam boilers sold at PexUniverse are fully packaged, insulated and come with premium level, familiar controls and components, which are easy to service and replace.

What is steam square foot (sqft)?
Steam boilers work in combination with cast iron radiators and these radiators have a manufacturers' rating (in steam sqft) per each section of radiator. When added together (throughout the whole building) this number should be at or below the boiler's steam sqft in order for the unit to meet the heating needs.
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