Taco X Pump Block

The X Block system provides a solution for systems utilizing a brazed plate heat exchanger for isolating the heat generating side from the heat delivery side, such as water heater from radiant floor heating system, boiler from snow melting, etc. The X block unit is great for small add-on projects, such as radiant floors in a kitchen, bathroom or basement, snow melting for a driveway, and similar.

More about X Pump Block by Taco

The XPB unit is comprised of a stainless steel copper brazed plate heat exchanger, variable speed heat source circulator, 1-speed system circulator and a mixing control unit, complete with outdoor and strap-on sensors, durable bronze housing and a standard plug-in power cord.

The main purpose of the X Pump Block is to offer user the ability of installing a small size radiant or snow/ice melting system (up to 50 kBTU) utilizing existing heat source, such as boiler, water heater or furnace, without complex wiring, piping and costly components.

The system, for instance, can use the domestic hot water produced by the water heater to heat the radiant floors in a kitchen, bathroom or other area up to ~1,000 sqft in size (approximate value, heat-load dependent) - all without mixing the two liquids.
Another example is a small driveway with glycol anti-freeze on the heat delivery side. The heat exchanger in the XPB unit effectively isolates the mixed glycol from the boiler water, while control unit automatically adjusts the circulator performance to match temperature variations.

Taco X Pump Block has only (4) 3/4" FNPT connections and can be used and as outdoor reset, setpoint or a Delta T limiting control.