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Viega ManaBloc Manifolds

ManaBloc series PEX manifolds by Viega are a time-tested, versatile and convenient solution for any HomeRun type plumbing system for hot and cold water distribution.
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Viega ManaBloc overview

Viega ManaBloc series manifolds offer innovative homerun hot & cold water distribution solutions for any home size in a compact and easy to install package. They are constructed from durable, corrosion resistant and lead-free polymer and are available with standard ports which accept 1/2" or 3/8" press and crimp style adapters to accommodate any type of PEX tubing. All ports (branches) feature 1/4-turn style, replaceable and color-coded (red and blue) valves, with a valve key included in every package.

A ManaBloc manifold has (2) cold water main supply ports (1 on top and 1 on bottom) and (1) hot water inlet port. The secondary cold water supply can be used to run the pipe to the next manifold where needed, or can be capped off using supply end cap. It also allows for easier connection where hot and cold supply lines run from different directions.

What’s included:

Each ManaBlock manifold set includes the following:
  • ManaBlock manifold
  • Valve key (to open and close individual ports; attaches to the manifold to prevent accidental loss).
  • Sticky labels to mark individual ports.

Additional required or recommended parts

  • Port (branch) side outlet PEX adapters in either crimp or press style.
  • Supply adapters which allow to connect the main hot and cold water supply lines to the ManaBloc. These are available in 3/4" and 1" sizes in male NPT, crimp, press and compression styles.
  • Supply end cap is almost always used to cap off the secondary cold water inlet.
  • Port caps can be installed on unused side outlet ports (branches) as a secondary safety measure against accidental leaks.
  • Mounting straps set allows for easy installation of the ManaBloc between 16" OC (on-center) studs.
  • A couple spare outlet port adapters may prove useful if the connection was done improperly or if a quick repair is needed.
We also recommend using mounting straps and/or bend supports to secure the PEX outlet lines in place prior to connecting them to ManaBloc. This will reduce stress on the ports and will help to prevent leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which connection system is better - crimp or press?
A: Due to the added cost of tools, it would be best to use adapters and fittings of the same style, for which the tools were already purchased. PEX crimp method and tools cost less, have been in use for many decades and are way more common than other connection methods. Viega Press method would be the reasonable choice when the rest of the PEX plumbing system is installed using press fittings and tools.

Q: What are the advantages of the ManaBloc over DIY manifold set.
A: The main advantage is convenience, which makes installation quicker and easier. Practically the same system can be made with Sioux Chief copper manifolds with brackets - at a comparable price.

Q: What size are the supply inlet connections on ManaBloc?
A: The connections are 1", however the thread is not NPT and will not accept any other adapters other the Viega supply connectors.

Q: When connecting PEX to ManaBloc, should the pipe be connected to the adapter first or adapter to manifold first?
A: Both for PEX crimp and press adapters, the pipe must always first be connected to the adapter. When crimped/pressed, the adapter is then connected to the manifold. The reasoning behind this is that crimping or pressing exerts a substantial amount of force and if the adapter is secured to the manifold during this process, both adapter and the manifold may crack or break off.

Q: Can ManaBloc be used for hot water recirculation.
A: No.

Q: What’s the pressure/temperature rating?
A: 180 F° @ 100 psi

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