Grundfos Circulating Pumps

We stock a wide range of Grundfos circulators for plumbing, heating and cooling residential and commercial applications, including:
UP series - single speed circulators
UPS series - three speed circulators
Alpha1 series - high-efficiency variable speed circulators
Alpha2 series - high-efficiency variable speed circulators with AutoADAPT
Comfort series - domestic hot water recirculation pumps with and without AutoADAPT.

About Grundfos Circulator Pumps

Manufactured in the USA, Grundfos circulators are cartridge-type, wet-rotor pumps designed for re-circulating of hot water in hydronic, solar, domestic plumbing and radiant heating systems as well as chilled water in cooling applications.
The most popular models include UPS15-58, UP15-42 and Alpha2 series, which carry a 3-year factory warranty. The remaining UP and UPS models have a 2-year warranty.

Most of Grundfos circulating pumps must be hardwired (terminal box), while others include a replaceable power cord with a grounded plug. Select models come with a check valve (removable), aquastat, timer and other features.

Connection options include the following:
  • Flanged - UP and UPS15 through 26 models have GF15/26 (standard/universal) flanged connections, compatible with flanges and flange isolation valves from most other brands. UP and UPS 43 series are used with Grundfos GF40/43 flanges. All flanges and flange valves are sold separately.
  • Union - select circulation pump models have Grundfos GU125 union outlets, which require a separate set of unions.
  • Threaded and Sweat - standard Female NPT connections for threaded pipes or copper sweat connections for copper pipe installation.
Available materials of construction include:
  • Cast Iron - for closed loop hydronic, fan coil or radiant floor heating applications.
  • Bronze or Stainless Steel - for open-loop applications, including domestic hot water recirculation, open radiant or solar systems, chilled water cooling and similar. Lead-Free compliant and approved for potable water use.

Grundfos Circulating Pump Series

UP series Single Speed Pumps

Basic, cost-efficient 1-speed circulators for traditional heating and cooling applications. These pumps must be sized using the pump curve chart to match the head/flow parameters of the circulating pump to the systems’ requirements. Grundfos UP series includes models in the 1/25 - 1/6 HP range.

UPS series 3-Speed Pumps

UPS series circulators by Grundfos are 3-speed circulation pumps with a Hi/Medium/Low switch which offers the convenience of 3 circulator pumps in one. By selecting desired mode of operation, the pump can be adapted to match the systems’ requirements without complex sizing and without replacing the entire unit.

Alpha1 and Alpha2 series Variable Speed Pumps

Grundfos Alpha2 series are variable speed circulators with AutoAdapt feature, which automatically adjusts the performance of the pump to maintain desired temperature settings. Alpha1 series have the same features as Alpha2, but without the AutoADAPT. Grundfos variable speed circulating pumps take the guesswork out of selecting the right pump for the job and are over 80% more efficient than standard circulating pumps.

Comfort Series Pumps

Among the best on the market, Comfort pumps are domestic hot water recirculation pumps used to maintain the water temperature in hot water pipes at the fixtures and eliminate waiting and costly draining of water.