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Grundfos Comfort System Pumps

Comfort System by Grundfos is a domestic hot water recirculation system, designed to provide instant hot water at plumbing fixtures such as sinks, showers and bathtubs, while simultaneously eliminating the waste of cold water.
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About Grundfos Comfort System

Grundfos Comfort pumps are easy to use and install, attractively priced hot water recirculation pumps designed for typical residential systems with head loss of 5ft or below. The system ensures that hot water is always available at the fixture, eliminating waiting and draining thousands of gallons of cold water - all while using less energy than a 25W light bulb.

All Comfort pump models have a Lead-Free construction, approved for use with domestic potable water and come with 115V power cord with a grounded plug. Optional features include Timer, Aquastat and Check Valve.

Grundfos Comfort Pump Types and Applications

UP10-16B series for systems with return line

Designed for installation on a dedicated hot water return line in close proximity to the water heater, and are most commonly used in new construction or where running a return line is possible. These pumps have either 1/2" threaded (BN5), 1/2" sweat (B5) or union (BU) connections (unions not included). Select models offer the following features:

Timer - 24-hour, AM/PM programmable timer with 20-minute interval dip switches. Grundfos Comfort System models with timer have ON-TIMER-OFF switch, which allows the user to utilize the timer option or to disable it as needed. When switch is set to “TIMER”, the circulator will only work at programmed intervals.

Aquastat - a built-in adjustable thermostat which monitors the water temperature and activates the pump when temperature falls 12˚F below the setting. The factory setting is 95˚F and can be changed to any temperature within 90-150˚F range (140˚F is the maximum recommended setting).

Models with timer include a letter “T” in the model, aquastat - “A” and line cord - “LC”.

UP15-10S for systems without return line

The UP15-10SU7P/TLC model is the most popular Grundfos hot water recirculating pump, designed for use in existing/retrofit plumbing system without a hot water return line. Package includes a pump, Comfort Valve, (2) connectors and mounting hardware.

How it works:
The pump has a 3/4" FNPT swivel inlet and is installed directly over 3/4" MNPT outlet of water heater’s hot water line. Comfort valve is connected to the stop valves below the sink furthest away from the water heater using the connectors included. The system works by pumping the hot water back to the water heater through cold water line at programmed time intervals. Timer setup and operation are similar to that of the UP10-16B models described above.
Additional Comfort Valves may be installed in a system with branched hot water lines.
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