Installation Parts

Installation Parts

Parts and accessories used in plumbing installations.

Tube Talons

Plastic tube talons with nail from Everhot and Sioux Chief for securing PEX and copper pipe to wood surfaces.

Pipe Hangers

J-hook style plastic pipe hangers with nails for supporting horizontal runs of PVC or ABS DWV pipe of up to 4".

Steel Plate Stud Protectors

Sioux Chief stud guards protect piping which penetrates the studs from damage by drywall screws during installation.

Hanger Straps

Metal hanger straps with alternating hole sizes for horizontal support of metal and plastic piping of various sizes.

Pipe Clamps

Plastic 2-hole pipe clamps in regular and suspension types for PEX and copper piping in sizes up to 2".

Zip Ties

Durable Nylon zip ties for securing PEX pipe to steel wire mesh or rebar in concrete slab radiant heating installations.


Escutcheons in plastic and steel options for covering the stub-out elbows or other piping which penetrates the walls.

Water Heater Stands

Durable and easy-to-assemble steel stands for tank-type water heaters with up to 100-gallon capacity.
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