Mustee Shower Bases & Pans

About Mustee Shower Bases

E.L. Mustee is a USA manufacturer of top quality shower bases (floors/pans) with an extensive product lineup for virtually any project. Unlike many other brands, Mustee shower pans are made in the USA from a single piece of quality fiberglass with no wood or particle board. They are very thick (3/8"), durable, do not flex under body weight and are designed to last.

Shower base vs tile floor

Shower bases have many distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to a typical shower tile floor.

  • Lower overall cost - with material and installation costs considered, fiberglass shower pan is more affordable
  • Easier installation - no need for complex tile cutting, grouting, special consideration for water membrane or sloping of the tile for drainage is needed.
  • Superior moisture resistance and drainage – with no seams for water to accumulate or seep through, fiberglass shower bases are free from mold and are virtually leak and maintenance free.
  • Higher flexibility - due to the nature of the fiberglass, it is must more capable of flexing than tile, allowing to avoid cracks where installation is performed in new construction, where the building foundation has not yet entirely settled.
  • Lack of color and surface variations - tile has incomparably more options when it comes to the choice of color and texture and allows to complement existing shower wall design.
  • Scratch resistance - most tiles being ceramic, they are inherently more resistant to abrasion (whether from sand/dirt, or cleaning agents) than fiberglass.
  • Size limitations - while shower pans are available in many sizes, they are still limited and may not work for every size shower.
  • Drain limitations - tile floors allow more drainage flexibility than fiberglass, allowing for any type, shape or finish of drain (round, square, rectangular, tile-in, linear, chrome, brushed steel, etc.)
In summary, shower bases are the answer for easy-to-implement shower projects on a budget, including shower installations in new homes (including mobile homes), basement bathroom additions, replacement of existing shower floors and many others.
Tile is a more luxurious material and offers a more elegant look, but requires experience and extra care during and after installation to ensure a trouble-free performance.

How to easily select the right shower base

There are several major characteristics of shower bases, listed below:
  • Number of thresholds - for alcove (wall recess) installation, a single threshold shower is needed (i.e. only one out of 4 sides will have a door/entry point). For corner installations, a double threshold or a neo-angle (triple threshold) shower pan is used.
  • Shape - there are (3) major shower base shapes, including square, rectangular and neo-angle (with an angled exposed corner).
  • Size - most (Mustee) shower pans come in widths (side to side) of 32", 34", 36", 38", 42", 48", 54" & 60" and depths (front to back) of 32", 34", 36" & 42", depending on the model. Sizes indicated are external.
  • Drain location - most models have a center drain (except neo-angle which is offset to the inside corner), but some larger ones also come in left or right drain configurations for easier connection to existing drainage pipes.
  • Color - semi-gloss white is the standard color for all shower bases (except 3434M and 3434DTM, which have microscopic grey inclusions) and other colors such as Bone, Biscuit, etc. may be available.
Additional points to keep in mind:

1. All Mustee DuraBase shower bases we offer (except 360, 3060 and 3865 models) include a drain assembly for 2" PVC/ABS pipe (white plastic push-in strainer & rubber slip-on doughnut seal), so there’s no need to purchase one. Mustee 360, 3060 and 3865 models do not include a drain assembly, but can utilize virtually any type shower base/module/pan drain (Sioux Chief, Oatey, Watts) with 4.5" (preferably) or 4.25" strainer.
2. The drain on all Mustee pans (except 360, 3060 and 3865 models) is cup-like, one-piece molded with the rest of the shower base and works ONLY with Mustee slip-on shower drain seals. We suggest using manufacturer’s original 32.405 (for 1-1/2" pipe) or 32.401 (for 2" pipe - supplied by default). Both seals are compatible with PVC, ABS or cast iron no-hub pipe.
3. Where a slip-on drain assembly is used, no access is required to underneath the base/floor to connect the drain if a drain-centered pipe connected to a P-trap is protruding from the floor. This allows for an easier, 1-person installation. It is advised that the pipe is trimmed to height prior to the shower pan installation to avoid scratching the surface. 4. Listed shower pan dimensions are external, meaning that the wall recess (if not installing in a corner) should be at least the size of the pan to accommodate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What additional parts/accessories are needed for the installation of a Mustee shower base?
A: DuraBase models do not require any additional parts or accessories. ShowerTub (30" x 60" models) and 3865 will require a standard shower module drain assembly. We recommend Mustee 60.320A seal for added moisture protection.

Q: What is the difference between White and Flock White colors?
A: Flock White color has tiny grey inclusions, resembling bird feathers. This is not an official Mustee color and manufacturer still designates products in such color as White, but we make the distinction to clarify the difference.

Q: What is the difference between 3060 and 360 models?
A: 360 models are barrier-free, designed for easy wheelchair/walker access.

Q: Can a standard shower base drain be used with DuraBase?
A: No. Only factory-supplied drain assemblies are compatible with DuraBase. ShowerTub models, on the other hand, are fully compatible with standard shower base drains.