Copper Crimp Rings


Sioux Chief PEX crimp rings are manufactured from annealed copper to ASTM F1807 and CSA B137.5 standards. Together with a PEX crimp tool, they are used to secure PEX piping over the crimp-style PEX fittings.

About PEX Crimp Rings

PEX crimping system is among the oldest, most reliable and most widely used methods of installing PEX. Copper crimp rings ensure full 360˚ compression of the pipe over the barbs of the fitting without the risk of expansion or corrosion.
Size of the PEX crimp ring corresponds to the PEX pipe size, namely, 1/2" crimp rings for 1/2" PEX, 3/4" for 3/4" and so on.
A PEX crimp ring is installed by positioning it over the pipe and fittings and compressing it with the help of a PEX crimp (crimping) tool.

Frequently asked questions about this product

Q: How do I determine the right crimp ring size for my PEX tubing size?
A: The specified size of the crimp ring must always match the size of the PEX pipe it’s used with. If using a 3/4" pipe, you’ll need the 3/4" rings, 1" rings for 1" pipe, etc.

Q: What if the crimp connection was done improperly or unevenly?
A: A decrimping tool can be used to remove crimp rings from such connections and eliminate waste of PEX fittings.

Q: How far away should I position the crimp ring from end of the pipe?
A: Make sure that the fitting is fully inserted in the tubing. Recommended distance between the end of the pipe (or shoulder of the fitting) and the edge of the ring is between 1/8" and 1/4".

Q: Are these crimp rings compatible with other brand tools, fittings and tubing?
A: Yes, these crimp rings are universal and will work both with PEX crimp tools, crimp fitting and tubing sold at PexUniverse, and same type components of different brands purchased elsewhere.

Q: Crimp Rings vs. PEX Clamps - which is better?
A: Both systems are widely used and accepted by code. The crimp system, while somewhat more complex, provides reliable feedback when checking connections with a Go-No-Go gauge and offers peace of mind. This system has decades of proven performance and works well both for both beginners and professionals. PEX clamp system, while about 10 years old, is easier to install, using a single clamp tool for all PEX sizes up to 1". This method, however, offers no reliable means of checking connections for accuracy. If using a clamp method, we recommend a good quality, factory calibrated tool.