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3/4" Union Threaded Mixing Valve (Lead-Free), ASSE 1070, 85-120F
Brand: Taco
Part#: 5123-T2
This product has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available at this time.

Taco 5123-T2 is a 3/4" Low Lead Mixing Valve, designed for use at the water heater to distribute controlled water temperatures to the domestic hot water system and is suitable for use in Potable Water.

Taco's new 5123-T2 Low Lead Mixing Valve makes it ideal for use in the distribution of water through a domestic hot water system. The valve's unique design and advanced thermostatic element doesn't require routine maintenance and ensures a stable mixed water temperature throughout the valves adjustable range. The Second-generation material was tested and calibrated under closely controlled conditions ensuring durability and functionality.


  • Body: Forged Brass (≤.25% Lead Brass);
  • Internal Components: ≤.25% Lead Brass, Noryl GFN2;
  • Seals: Viton;
  • Spring: Stainless Steel;
  • Piston: Polysulfone;
  • Gaskets: EPDM.

  • Lead-Free Compliant (≤.25% Lead)
  • Suitable For Use in Potable Water
  • No Routine Maintenance Required
  • Lockable Maximum Temperature Setting
  • Outlet Temperature Strip.

Technical Specifications:
  • Connections: 3/4" Union Thread
  • Heat Capacity: 1.8 Cv
  • Maximum Flow: 14 GPM (54 L/Min)
  • Minimum Flow: 1 GPM (3.8 L/Min)
  • Hot Supply Temperature: 120-180°F (49-82°C)
  • Cold Supply Temperature: 39-80°F (5-27°C)
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 200 psi (13.8 Bar)
  • Maximum Variation in Supply Pressure: 20%
  • Minimum Temperature Differential Between Hot Supply and Mixed: 27°F (15°C)
  • Outlet Temperature Range: 85-120°F (29-49°C)
  • Factory Set to: 115-120°F (41-45°C)
  • Accuracy of Outlet Temperature: ± 3°F
  • Approvals: ASSE 1017 / 1070, CSA125.3, cUPC.
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