How to tell the difference between Taco circulator pumps.

Taco circulator pumps are available in a wide range of models, with different materials of construction and connections types/sizes:

taco pumps

To determine the type of pump you have, refer to the manufacturer's part.

For example, a Taco 007-F5 circulator is a 007 model, Cast Iron, with Flanged Connections, where 007 is the circulator series, F stands for "Flanged" and indicates the Cast Iron body, while 5 indicates the model.

Similar, 0011-F4 is the Taco 0011 series circulator with cast iron body construction, flanged connections and model (modification).

Depending on the materials of construction, a Taco circulator can be:
  • F – Cast Iron, Flanged;
  • BF – Bronze, Flanged;
  • B – Bronze, 3/4" Sweat Connection;
  • BC – Bronze, 1/2" Sweat Connection;
  • BT – Bronze, 3/4" Threaded Connection;
  • SF – Stainless Steel, Flanged;
  • ST – Stainless Steel, 3/4" Threaded Connection;

The color of the circulator is also an indicator of the pump body material.

All Cast Iron Taco models come in signature green color, with exception of the circulators supplied with a boiler by the boiler manufacturer. Such circulators are in black color.

All bronze Taco circulators come in brown color and all the stainless steel models are usualy silver with motor part painted green.

So, if you have a 006-ST4 model, it indicates the 006 series, stainless steel body circulator with 3/4" threaded inlets.

Cast iron models are common for closed loop hydronic and radiant heating applications, whereas stainless steel and bronze models are typical for open loop heating systems and domestic hot water recirculation systems.

If a circulator has a built-in check valve, the part number will include "IFC" in it. For example, Taco 008-F6-1IFC is a 008 series, cast iron circulator with flanged connections and built-in check valve.

Priority zoning circulators come with "Z" letter in the part #. For instance, 007-ZF5-3IFC is a Taco 007 zoning circulator (cast iron), with a built-in integral flow check.

Most of the Taco circulator models are compatible with flange sizes up to 1-1/4", allowing them to be easily integrated into virtually any heating system.