1/2" Sweat Zone Sentry Zone Valve, Normally Closed
Brand: Taco
Part#: Z050C2
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Taco Z050C2 is a Motorized Zone Sentry Zone Valve with 1/2" Sweat, designed to be used in a wide variety of heating and cooling applications, provides on-off, normally open or normally closed control in both open and closed hot or chilled water hydronic systems.

Patented technology and microcircuit-based logic for controlling a gear driven electronic actuator make it the most technologically advanced zone valve ever made. The capacitor-powered valve is loaded with innovative technology and has a new high torque, high efficiency and highly reliable miniature motor. The valve can be installed in any orientation, allowing the operator to be mounted to the valve body regardless of direction. A green LED light shows full functionality of the valve

  • Taco Z050C2 Zone Sentry Zone Valve
  • 1/2" Sweat
  • Normally Closed Position
  • Uses up to 93% less energy than other commonly installed zone valves
  • Multi function LED assists with troubleshooting
  • Bidirectional flow
  • The actuator mounts on the valve in either direction
  • 125 PSI shut-off pressure with industry leading Cv's
  • Quick release actuator mounting clip Manual override button
  • Positional indicator shows the ball valve's actual position
  • Up to 50% Glycol
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Technical Specifications:
  • Fluid Temperature Range: 20 to 240F, at 135F ambient
  • Service: Closed systems
  • Ball Rotation Speed: Full Open to Full Close (90 turn), 5 seconds (after charge time)
  • Full Close to Full Open (90 turn), 5 seconds (after charge time)
  • Seat Leakage: Drop-Tight Close-Off
  • Electrical Rating: 24 VAC, 60 HZ, 0.48 Amps
  • Power Consumption, Charging: 11.4 Watts, 0.48 Amps
  • Power Consumption, Power On: 1.44 Watts, 0.06 Amps
  • Heat Anticipator Setting: 0.5 Amps
  • End Switch Rating: 1 Amp at 24 VAC
  • Materials of Construction, Actuator:
  • Body: High Performance Engineered Polymer
  • Gears: High Performance Internally Lubricated Engineered Polymer
  • Materials of Construction, Valve:
  • Body: Forged Bronze
  • Stem: Brass
  • Press Ring: Brass
  • Ball: Brass (Chrome Plated)
  • Seat: Modified Teflon
  • O-rings: EPDM
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Ask a Question
Can the Taco Sentry Zone Valves be wired to the Taco ZVC405-4 done valve controller? If so, how does it wire to the ZVC?
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Sentry valves a 4-wire type zone valves with end switch. Simply refer to the "Literature" for ZVC405 and you'll find the wiring guidelines on the 1st page of the Installation Manual.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/05/2016

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