Trooper 201,000 BTU Hot Water Oil Boiler w/out Burner w/out Tankless Coil, Chimney Vent, 86.1% AFUE
Brand: Archer
Part#: TPW-5-190A-LTP
Usually ships: within 20-25 business days
Note: product title indicates boiler's Net AHRI (Net IBR) rating

This boiler model does not include a burner (part# 131523B).

Trooper series cast iron hot water oil-fired boiler without tankless domestic hot water coil.
Trooper boiler is a cost-attractive, high-quality solution for new or replacement boiler installations, combining clean, no-frills look with top-quality and familiar brand controls & components, USA-made cast iron heat exchanger and quality assembly - for an easy installation & maintenance, longer life span and worry-free performance.
Boiler includes: Draft Regulator, Hydrolevel HydroStat Control, Taco 007e (high efficiency) Circulator Pump w/ Flange Set, Pressure Relief Valve, Drain Valve, Temperature & Pressure Gauge, Fittings.

  • 2 boiler sizes in one - burner (sold separately) includes (1) additional smaller size nozzle for lower BTU output
  • Model without tankless domestic hot water (DHW) coil
  • Traditional design, enhanced for greater value and ease of installation & maintenance
  • Fully packaged and assembled (circulator, drain valve and T&P valve shipped loose)
  • Premium-level, familiar brand controls (Honeywell & Hydrolevel) for ease of monitoring and service
  • Assembled in Pennsylvania with USA-made components, including robust, time-tested and efficient cast iron heat exchanger with metal section connections for increased boiler life
  • Taco 007-F5 circulator included
  • Removable top cover and swing-out cast iron door with burner quick disconnect harness for ease of access, cleaning and repair
  • Combustion chamber lined with replaceable ceramic insulation

Technical Specifications:
  • Input (BTU): 231,000 (w/ default nozzle), 214,000 (w/ nozzle #2)
  • Net AHRI Rating (BTU): 201,000 (w/ default nozzle), 186,000 (w/ nozzle #2)
  • Burner Capacity (BTU): 266,000 (w/ default nozzle), 245,000 (w/ nozzle #2)
  • Burner Capacity/Oil Firing Rate (GPH): 1.90 (default nozzle), 1.75 (nozzle #2)
  • Efficiency (AFUE): 86.1% (default), 86.4% (nozzle #2)
  • Fuel Type: #2 Fuel Oil
  • Boiler/System Type: Hot Water (Hydronic) Cast Iron Oil Boiler
  • Boiler Connections: 1-1/2" NPT - Supply/Return Connections, 3/4" NPT - Relief Valve, 3/4" NPT - Drain
  • Vent Type: Chimney Vent
  • Vent Pipe Size: 8" (standard Cat I galvanized chimney vent pipe)
  • Minimum Chimney Requirements: 8" x 8" x 15'
  • Dimensions: 26" Wide x 28" Deep (40" w/ burner installed) x 32" High
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 800 lbs
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