8-branch Brass Radiant Heat Manifold Set w/ 1/2" PEX adapters
Brand: Rifeng
Part#: BSM008
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1/2" PEX adapters are included by default. For other size adapters (free upgrade) make a note at checkout.
8-branch Deluxe Radiant Manifold Set. Brass body and components with nickel plated finish.

The following components are included in every set:
(1) Supply side radiant manifold w/ (8) flow indicators and (8) outlets for PEX tubing.

(1) Return side radiant manifold w/ (8) manual balancing valves and (8) outlets for PEX tubing.

(2) 1" threaded shut off valves w/ 1/4-turn handles - one for supply and one for return manifold (red & blue).

(2) Temperature gauges - one for supply and one for return manifold to monitor supply and return water temperatures.

(1) Float-type air vent to eliminate air from the system (air vent caps included for pressure testing purposes).

(2) All-in-one drain & fill valves with 3/4" garden hose (drain hose) connection and a cap - on each manifold.

(16) Compression adapters for 1/2" PEX tubing - included, no purchase necessary. Adapters of other sizes (3/8", 5/8") can be purchased separately.

(2) Wall mounting brackets.

Other suggested components:
For pressure testing purposes, use a Pressure Test Kit (SKU# TESTKIT)

Technical Specifications:
  • Total number of PEX outlets: 16
  • Distance OC (On Center) between PEX outlets: 2"
  • Overall height when installed: 14.5"
  • Overall width when installed (with shut-off valves): 24.75"
  • Distance between supply and return manifolds (on center): 8.25"
  • Compatible with all types and brands of PEX tubing (Bow, Viega, Watts, Zurn, Everhot, Nibco, etc.)
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Ask a Question
I'm putting in Radiant Heating in a slab on grade. It is at the long beach Wa area andwant to know if I should use a SS or a Brass Manifold. I'm on a well with soft water.
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There is no significant difference between the SSM (stainless) and BSM (brass) PEX manifolds other then the material and thickness of the manifolds. The stainless steel manifolds are more appropriate for applications where water quality is under question and therefore, are more popular. Brass ones have thicker walls, more heavily-built and are overall better looking.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 02/06/2013
What's the maximum pressure these manifolds can be air tested?
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General guidelines is x3 times the maximum operating pressure but no greater than 100 psi and at least 40 psi. Duration is 30 minutes minimum, 2 hours recommended. Note that initially the pressure may drop somewhat due to flexibility of PEX, but the system should become balanced within the first 30 minutes and there should be no pressure drop afterwards if there's no environment temperature change.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 07/17/2017
will these work with wirsbro 1/2 hepex
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, these manifolds work with all PEX and PEX-AL-PEX tubing types.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 12/23/2013

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