3/4" Sweat Zone Sentry Zone Valve, Normally Closed


Brand: Taco

Mfr Part#: Z075C2

UPC#: 687752866285

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Model Z075C2 is a 3/4" sweat Taco Zone Sentry series zone valve (normally closed). The high flow and low head loss characteristics of the Taco Zone Sentry zone valve, combined with its compact design and 125 psi shutoff pressure rating, makes it the most flexible valve on the market today.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 PSI (2,100 kPa);
  • Maximum Shutoff Pressure: 125 PSI (875 kPa);
  • Fluid Temperature Range: 20° to 240°F, 135°F ambient;
  • Installation must be in a non-condensing application.;
  • Service: Closed systems & Hot Water, up to 50% Glycol;
  • Ball Rotation Speed: Full Open to Full Close (90° turn), 4 seconds;
  • Full Close to Full Open (90° turn), 6 seconds;
  • Seat Leakage: Drop-Tight Close-Off;
  • Electrical Rating: 24 VAC, 60 HZ, 0.54 Amps;
  • Do not exceed number of valves per transformer rating.;
  • Do not use more than 12 zone valves per 40VA transformer.;
  • Power Consumption, Charging: 12.84 Watts, 0.54 Amps Max;
  • Power Consumption, Power On: 1.44 Watts, 0.06 Amps Max;
  • Heat Anticipator Setting: 0.5 Amps;
  • End Switch Rating: 3 Amps @ 24 VAC.
3/4" Sweat Zone Sentry Zone Valve, Normally Closed has an average 5.0 out of 5 rating based on 5 user reviews.
Taco Z075C2
By Bill F (from Kaysville, UT) on 3/31/2013
Used to replace failing electronics of E075C2 - plug compatible (had to turn the connectors 180 degrees), no problems. Only had to replace the controller - not the valve. Delivered quickly. The E075C2 didn't always fully close - this controller does.
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Taco Z075C2, 3/4" Sweat Motorized Zone Sentry Zone Valve
By Al W. (from Baxter, MN) on 1/15/2013
Earlier model was not good needed to replace it every year. I found the Taco Z075C2 model from Petuniverse.com & in less than a week it came. This model works good & replaced it without any problems.
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Replacement for E075C2
By Adolfo (from Boston, MA) on 11/8/2012
I had problems with previous model of the valve, that got damaged after only 4 years of usage. I saw that the model was not longer available and it was replaced by the Z075C2. I bought them from Petuniverse.com, and literally in 2 days I got delivered to my home.The model is more solid, better construction and smooth operation. I replaced 4 without any problem (just the operator, keeping the old valve), and had no issue at all replacing the old model.
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taco zone valve
By Bobby (from Olympia Wa ) on 8/4/2012
boiler heat studio apartments
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taco zone valve
By Bobby T (from Olympia Wa) on 7/31/2012
boiler heat fin radiator
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I have a boiler system in my house which has (3)TACO ESP O7C52-1 ZONE VALVES AND ONE ZO75C2-1 by heating company to the tune of 385.00, 220 for valve alone. QUESTION: How complicated is it to replace the ESP07C52-1 with the ZO75C2-1? Something I can do my self with out draining system etc. To the Heating guy about 5 minutes to replace the last one.
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The procedure would involve removing the old valve and installing the other in it's place and connecting the wiring. Since ESP has sweat connections, you would have to drain the system, unsolder the old valve and solder the new one in place. Alternatively, you may cut off the section of the piping with the old valve installed and use a copper coupling and a piece of copper pipe to install the new one.
Answered on 12/12/2012 by PexUniverse Customer Service
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