7-branch Brass Radiant Heat Manifold Set w/ 1/2" PEX adapters
Brand: Rifeng
Part#: BSM007
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1/2" PEX adapters are included by default. For other size adapters (free upgrade) make a note at checkout.
7-branch Deluxe Radiant Manifold Set. Made from brass with nickel plated finish. Comes pre-assembled.

The following components are standard in every manifold set:
(1) Supply radiant manifold w/ (7) flow indicators and (7) outlets for PEX tubing.

(1) Return radiant manifold w/ (7) balancing valves and (7) outlets for PEX tubing.

(2) 1" threaded inlet, 1/4-turn shut-off valves - one for supply manifold and one for return (red and blue).

(2) Temperature gauges - one for supply and one for return manifold to monitor incoming and outgoing and water temperatures.

(1) Float-type air vent to eliminate air from the system (air vent caps included for pressure testing purposes).

(2) All-in-one drain & fill valves with 3/4" garden hose (drain hose) connection and a cap - on each manifold.

(14) Compression adapters for 1/2" PEX tubing - included, no purchase necessary. Adapters of other sizes (3/8", 5/8") can be purchased separately.

(2) Wall mounting brackets.

Other suggested components:
For pressure testing purposes, use a Pressure Test Kit (SKU# TESTKIT)

Technical Specifications:
  • Total number of PEX outlets: 14
  • Distance OC (On Center) between PEX outlets: 2"
  • Overall height when installed: 14.5"
  • Overall width when installed (with shut-off valves): 20.75"
  • Distance between supply and return manifolds (on center): 8.25"
  • Compatible with all types and brands of PEX tubing (Bow, Viega, Watts, Zurn, Everhot, Nibco, etc.)
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Ask a Question
Would this be considered one zone? Would you still need a zoning pump or just a circulation pump?
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In a basic configuration which you see on the website, the manifold can service several loops, which can be dedicated to separate zones (i.e. 3 for bedroom, 4 for living room, etc.). However, all of these "zones" are controlled by a single circulator (either a regular circulator or a zoning circulator) and a single 24V thermostat (for example, 007-F5 pump + SR501-4 relay + TH4110D1007 thermostat). If you wish to separate the manifold into independent zones, where each one is controlled by a separate thermostat, you will need to replace the manual balancing valves with actuators (SSM101). These can be further wired to a zone control module (Taco ZVC), which is an intermediate between the zone (room) thermostats and zone valves (actuators). You will still need a circulator pump, but will be able to create independent zone control on a single manifold.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/21/2015

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